Carrier-grade billing, affordable from a hundred to tens of thousands accounts

During the development of Evosip, our Kubernetes-based SIP switch, we examined several billing systems and solutions that were already available on the market. They range from open source projects to commercial platforms. We found that many of them had some limitations and somehow forced us to compromise regarding our features. The main issue we faced was that we could not find any suitable solution to be integrated into a full stateless, scalable system like the one we designed without creating a single point of failure or, even worse, a bottleneck of the system as a whole.

The majority of billing solutions on the market are intended to be used on premises, running from dedicated hardware usually configured in HA (master-slave) mode, which is an anti-pattern for us because it doesn’t fit the scalable nature of Kubernetes.

For these reasons, we decided to implement a simple yet extendible “cloud native” billing system, designed to be stateless and linearly scalable from the very first lines of code. One of the top requirements for our new billing system was linear scalability: the cost of the billing system should be directly proportional to the used resources making it an affordable solution from one hundred to tens of thousands of accounts.

Scalability and Features

Our highly scalable cloud SIP infrastructure is using docker and kubernetes with microservices in kamailio, asterisk, rtpengine and cgrates. This kind of infrastructure can scale on premise, in the cloud with geographical regions request routing. It also has the possibility of having RTP nodes near the client installed on premise and it is surely a boost for the quality of experience and simplicity of deployment.

Using Docker and its containerization technology, together with the orchestration features of Kubernetes, provided us the perfect environment for Evobilling.

Completely API-based, the system was designed to be developer-friendly, easily integrable with voice, messaging, IoT solutions, and generally speaking any real-time service.

Thanks to its extensibility design, we develop several VoIP-specific features needed in Evosip. They include, among others:

  • Real-time billing
  • LCR
  • State-of-the-art fraud protection
  • Inbound/outbound channel limitations
  • Shared plafonds
  • Nested accounts with unlimited layers of partners and resellers
  • Derived charging

Pay Per Use

Our mission is to offer our clients a billing solution with all the bells and whistles, together with full transparency regarding costs. Everyone love transparency, right? No setup fees, hidden costs, support and maintenance fees typical for on-premises solutions.

We offer clear and simple pricing: you pay only for the resources you are using, billed monthly and deducted from your account at the end of the month. That’s all, full period.

At Evosip we believe the future of voice, messaging and IoT is cloud-based, thanks to scalable solutions. Dealing with maintenance and running costs in a pay-per-use way gives us the possibility to offer the same business model to our clients. Our billing system is perfect for customers who need an affordable, simple yet powerful solution that is easily integrable with their legacy systems. Thanks to this solution we drastically reduce our clients time to market and help them to improve their bottom line.

Carrier-grade billing, affordable from a hundred to tens of thousands accounts

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