Author: Fabio Tranchitella

Secure-by-design billing system

The billing system is a critical component in any business, especially when real-time features are a strict requirement to ensure business continuity and congruence of transactions. Any compromise to availability, integrity, and authentication in the billing system makes a huge impact on the services provided by any Telco, and this is the reason why the security of this component is crucial for our business.

The advantages of a blockchain-ready billing system

Transparency and trustability between customers, suppliers and partners are key assets for voice, data and OTT service providers. At Evosip we do believe that our systems should provide transparency, which doesn’t necessarily mean data disclosure and trust out-of-the-box. We consider these features with the same importance as security.
Distributed ledgers-based networks, commonly known as blockchains, offer the perfect fit to satisfy these requirements.

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