About us

We are an international team of tech entrepreneurs, developers and VoIP and system engineers with experience in telecommunications, programming and system integrations. Using agile techniques, design thinking and lean approach, we deliver pioneering solutions for telco, built on cutting-edge systems like Docker and Kubernetes.

We started evosip because we needed a platform that was able to:
Scale infinitely
Scale fast and automatically
Be distributed
Be QoE oriented
Avoid vendor lock-in
Guarantee business continuity
We believe evosip is a new, disruptive approach in telco, able to erase time to market and suitable for every size of business due to its scalability, distribution and containerized, cloud-native DNA.


evosip unique team dynamics sparks from our diverse backgrounds and expertise, pushing us further as we move the boundaries in telco and tech.

Paolo Visintin Founder

Telco and tech enthusiast building VoIP platforms based on Kamailio and Asterisk. Started multiple successful ventures, first one at the age of 21. Experienced manager and leader. A believer in lean lifestyle, GTD, design thinking, agile methods and containerization.

Giovanni Tommasini CTO

An experienced DevOp in telco space, with a passion for pioneering projects such as evosip. Proud to work on the first VoIP PaaS infrastructure based on Kubernetes.

Max Trapasso Business Development Director

An IT professional with 20+ years of experience in the sales and support of B2B software solutions, brings to evosip extensive experience in selling and supporting SaaS solutions and services to clients in the financial, insurance and telecommunication industries.

Andrea Virgilio Digital advisor

An expert in digital transformation and modern design, with experience in all key aspects of building digital experiences, from concept and planning to design, coding and implementation.

Miroslav Pejic Software Developer

Software developer with an interest in a wide range of programming languages. Fastlearner, and great contributor to positive outcomes in team efforts.

Alberto Fabrissin VoIP engineer and scrum master

A guardian and team player, uses his experience to guide many processes, troubleshootthe VoIP platform and remove any obstacles in development and delivery.

Jacopo Nardiello DevOps engineer

An engineer, entrepreneur and public speaker with a strong interest in infrastructure automation, orchestration and distributed systems. Builds systems based on containers and Kubernetes.

Emanuele Bertoldi DevOps engineer

Open source enthusiast and versatile developer with know-how ranging from infrastructure engineering to software architecture and development, including DevOps activities based on Docker/Kubernetes. Worked for several tech companies in Europe and Asia.

Simone Degano Software developer

Developer, entrepreneur and computer science fan, with an unyielding passion for new technologies that are changing how businesses run their online operations. Driven by an interest in app development, privacy and blockchain.

Alessandro Pascolini UX designer

User experience designer specialized in the study of the user behavior and in the creation of clear and functional UI interfaces. Passionately follows everything that concerns web design and usability, with a curious eye towards graphic design in general.

Federica Leoni Project manager

Young and motivated Project Manager specialized in the digital field. Supervises projects development and coordinates the internal resources, ensuring that all projects are delivered on time.